Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 6

Day 6: System Failure.

            Technology is a wonderful thing. The staff knows how helpful it can be, but every once in a while it decides to malfunction. Computers will malfunction and systems will fail, at the worst time. When all of the computers are down is precisely the moment guest burst through the doors in throngs, each with an emergency that needs to be handled right away.
            The most important things to do is breathe, call tech support, and apologize. Remember I is never your fault, even the guest will make it seem that it is. The system will return to normal, but the guests never will. In every situation where the staff has no control, the guest will place the entire blame on the staff.

Hope that this aids your survival.
Good luck. Godspeed. 


Lauren_Rubin said...

Technology is wonderful, but lately, it is far from my friend. I can't tell you how many times I'm at my internship and the computer crashes. This usually becomes my fault, I get yelled at, given dirty looks, talked about behind my back...until tech support sends out and email that the system is experiencing some problems and should be back up and running in an hour or so. You would think I'd get an apology, but no, never. People just don't seem to get that technology problems are not on purpose! Do you think I want to enter the same info in 3x? Nope. Hang in there!

EmilyB said...

Sooooo true! It's really hard to remember that it's not your fault, when the customer makes you feel sooooo guilty! I thought for sure that retail customers gave the worst guilt trips, but now I'm not sure! I find that all day long I'm apologizing for something, and though it sucks, I've found that constant apology = customer service. A horrible and self-degrading principle, but it's the law!