Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 9

Day 9: Motivation for the least.

In these tough economical times most luxuries and incentives have been stripped from the staff. The hotel owners often state that they would like the staff to “sell out”, but there is the opposite of an incentive to do so. Why would the staff sell every last room when we don’t have maintenance on call and trouble seems to run rampant?
Often people will come in without a reservation and try to negotiate the price with the front desk staff. They are under the impression that the staff has any desire to sell every last room. We barely have any desire to sell a single room. When the staff encounters a person who has no reservation and tries to bargain, we only see another guest who is going to cause us problems. Their $180 is not worth it. The staff does not even see any benefit in this transaction. It is just putting more money into the pocket of the individuals who took away any incentive.
It should be noted that this sentiment is only reserved for those who are confused about our motivation. We still want to do our job. It the guest who are confused as to what our job entails. We have no qualms about selling you a room, and will not deny you a room. However, if you allow your ego to drive the conversation, the staff has no motivation to stoke your ego. That is all.

Hope that this aids your survival.
Good luck. Godspeed.

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Blog said...

As I read your blog, I ask myself: Is she hates her job so much, why doesn't she look for another one? I do not know your situation so I will not be the judge, but I do know that people do get burnt out in hospitality jobs. That is usually the point when one realizes they need to leave because they can no longer perform to the best of their potential. I can see your job taking it's toll on you, by your writing. I hope you are able to are able to find a job best suited to your needs.