Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 11

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Day 11: Patience is the Lost Virtue.

            There are times when the front desk staff will feel self-conscious. The guest will trick you into thinking that you are slow or unreasonable.
            When the guests check into the hotel, they immediately expect a long an arduous process, yet unless the guest is interrupting our flow my coworker and I rarely provide an inefficient check in experience. We have achieved thousands of efficient check-ins, yet the guests perceive it as our first time. We do not waste time. We anticipate your questions and needs.  The average check- in takes us about 40 seconds. If the guest is as attentive as they expect the staff to be, the check-in should have no problems.
            Inevitably a guest will stand at the desk and throw their credit card at the front desk person, and then tap their fingers on the marble counter as though we are taking too long and wasting their time. The staff must not feel self-conscious. Any purchase at a fast food establishment will take longer than our check-in. In fact, our check-in process lasts as long as the video above. 


Rex_Mole said...

I think people are usually frustrated from waiting in line. It is true that when you stand in line you spend more time waiting than actually doing what needs to be done.

davwhass said...

Your wasting water! But on a serious note I completely agree with you. Most people don't posses much patience especially in today's technological culture. Not too long ago computers and the Internet didn't exist in the household. Now people (including myself) get angry when a web-page takes more than ten seconds to load. We may have gained access to an ocean of information, but we now only posses a couple of drops of patience.

TieGuyTravis said...

For some reason, people are always more polite when you are holding a gun. You should try it. Let me be clear, I very rarely ever threaten anyone. I just always hold a gun in my left hand wherever I go. For some reason, ever since I bought the gun, everyone has been perfectly patient and kind towards me. Our world works in mysterious ways.

-Darth Nerd